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What Can I Do With An Engineering Degree?

Science, math and technology fascinate you and so you fittingly decided to pursue an engineering degree. As you embark upon your studies, you may wonder how you can  use your knowledge, skills and degrees after you graduate from university. Here are a few ways we suggest you can take your engineering degree to the next level!
If you are interested in research and teaching, you have the opportunity to go into the field of academic research. You can explore options of higher education in your area of interest in engineering. You can look into the professors that you would like to work under and learn from. As a graduate or a PhD. Student, you will yourself teaching and researching while you ultimately find your niche in the world of academic research. For those interested in research in a corporate setting, would be able to find opportunities in research institutions as well as in the research and development functions of various corporations.
Research is not the only place where engineers are needed. Your analytical and technical skills will be extremely valuable for many firms in the industrial sector which includes automotive, industrial machinery, healthcare equipments, electronics, construction and so on.  Regardless of the type of engineering degree you hold, the opportunities for you to find your specialization in any firm are endless.  If you are interested in the business side of a company, you could think about taking some business and economics classes so that you can make a switch to a role within the various functions of the business of engineering. Many engineers also go on to get their law degrees and work as patent lawyers.
For students who want to make a social impact with their engineering degrees, there are many non-profit organizations like Engineers Without Borders that will give you the opportunity to improve or construct systems in developing countries. You could also work with firms that are trying to make technology affordable and available to impoverished areas of the world. If sustainability is important to you, seek out job opportunities with companies that are designing environment-friendly products or trying to develop alternative energy resources.
The opportunities for an engineer are limitless. However, please understand that we can’t be sure of what opportunities will exist when you graduate a few years from now.  Therefore, keep exploring yourself till you find the area that you are most passionate about and eventually you will find a platform where you can earn your bread and butter doing what you love!

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