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What Can I Do With A Marketing Degree?

If you choose to major in marketing there are a host of career opportunities available to you. Career paths might include e-commerce, marketing analysis, professional selling, advertising, supply chain management, marketing research and a host of other customer service as well as leadership positions.
But there are other things one can do with a marketing major like marketing intelligence to break up the stigma that marketing is a field that can be dominated only by the creative. New courses and opportunities are available for the students interested in combining their dormant marketing passion with other subjects like mathematics, statistics and business.
The road does not end here, in fact this is just the gateway, as one can work with PR agencies and help companies strategize and develop communication plans to their present audience over the various channels of communication.
The next field one can venture into is account management where you would be managing the huge existing accounts a company has with one amongst their many vendors and manufacturers. As an account manager one does most of the sales and marketing as they try their level best to build and maintain relationships with the existing customer and increase business opportunities.
For the highly creative students budding with new ideas, the option of working with consulting companies that work with rebranding is a great option for you to explore your creativity and develop your skills to a great extent. One could also work as a brand manager in corporate companies for a particular product or service that they offer to the public.
You can land major leadership positions in industrial marketing, radio and television, entertainment, food service, television news, web-based businesses as well as with such organizations as hospitals, government agencies, social service organizations and charities.
Further, you always have the option of seeking a career path as a successful entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, the marketing skills you learn will help increase the likelihood your business ventures will be successful.
Marketing is a broad field, such a broad field in which the boundaries and dimensions cannot be measured due to the advancement in technology and change in methods and preferences of customer interaction. This area of study offers a niche for every personality and field of study that one can possibly think of as every product or service needs to be marketed at the end of the day!
Finally, great marketers become dynamic sales people who serve in consulting and marketing management positions that eventually lead to the highest levels of organization leadership. Your ability to be both a marketer and a professional sales person will serve you well as you progress in your career.

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