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It’s that time of year! If you have applied to begin university in the U.S. next fall, you have probably received your admissions decision.  And this decision is one of the following 3: yes, no, or maybe.
“Maybe?” You ask, “How can a university tell me maybe, especially when I need to make an enrollment deposit by May 1st to secure my place in a university – any university?”
A maybe means that you have been waitlisted.  This generally means that the university likes you and would love to have you on campus but can’t because they are only able to admit a certain number of students.  They know that you are a quality student and that you have likely gained admission to other universities, but want to keep you as an option in case space opens up.  They also know that they may be your first choice and don’t want you to cast them aside just yet!  Therefore, you are waitlisted.  The university will wait until May 1 to receive the enrollment deposits of those they have admitted, and if they have any vacancies they will come to the waitlist to fill them.
So.  If you are waitlisted, what do you do about it?
1. Decide whether or not you will accept your waitlisted status(es). If you accept your waitlisted status, you are not required to accept your admission at a later point of time.
2.  Submit an enrollment deposit at another university.  Yes, this may be nonrefundable, but if you want to guarantee that you will be attending university in the fall you have to accept somewhere.
3. Check the policies regarding communication at the university where you have been waitlisted.  Some have strict instructions on how you should or should not proceed.  Follow these!  If you don’t see any instructions, contact your admission counselor in a friendly and polite manner, reiterating your interest in the university and asking if it is permissible to submit additional documentation to help your application this time around.
4.  If it is permissible to submit other documentation, take note: Don’t be redundant!  Don’t be excessive!  If you have new grades, accomplishments, publications, service hours, etc. since you first submitted your application, take the opportunity to share this now, and do your best to send it at the same time to avoid flooding the university with additional information.  Some universities will also permit additional letters of recommendation.
5.  If you have a close connection with a coach or faculty member, alert them to your waitlisted status and to your continued interest in the university.  If they feel it is appropriate, they may follow up on your behalf.
6. If the university has instructed that you not submit further documentation, don’t.  Sit tight.  I know it’s hard, because you want to do what you can to improve your application as much as possible.  However, universities are looking for students who know how to follow instructions – if they ask you not to contact them regarding your status and you do, it’s doubtful that you will move from waitlisted to accepted!
Overall, avoid being pushy.  A university is looking for students who can persevere, but not for students who are obnoxious!  Be thoughtful in your interactions with the university, and practice patience.
All the best!

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