INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954
INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954

Personalize Your Engagement

Expand your reach, impact, and visibility across the world

What We Do

Since 2011, Gen Next Education has helped universities expand their reach, impact, and visibility. We provide strategic expertise and tactical coordination to help you advance your internationalization agenda through a unique, effective and efficient suite of services.

Through our Center for Global Education located in Bengaluru, and along with our staff across India & North America, you can:

  • recruit undergraduate and graduate students;
  • develop study abroad, internship, or service learning programs for your domestic students;
  • explore research and academic collaboration with Indian institutions;
  • engage with alumni, corporations, and non-governmental organizations

Our Philosophy

In a high-context society, personalization is key. We believe in helping universities personalize their engagement with students, families, high schools, colleges and universities, alumni, and other constituents by providing a high level of personal attention to address individual needs and concerns.

Our Approach

We provide students and their families with credible and comprehensive information to help them find the “right-fit” program and university – all at no cost to them.

Circle of Success™

Gen Next’s Circle of Success™ offers a wide range of opportunities for you to advance a broad internationalization across the world.


While the pandemic continues to disrupt our traditional ways of recruiting, we have been working vigorously to ensure there is no disruption in your ability to reach students, counselors, parents, and administrators. Since March 2020, we have executed several strategies that have enabled us to build on our existing relationships and keep our constituents engaged.

Launched in January 2021, connectED – the most interactive and engaging global education hub in the world has grown to attract over 13000 students, parents, counselors, and university representatives from 170+ countries. With curated content, virtual events, and 24/7/365 access, connectED is THE best platform for transnational education in the world.

connectED allows students, counselors, parents, and universities to build meaningful relationships and go beyond just a basic college search process.




Prepare your students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to function effectively in a global environment.

Whether you need a conventional study abroad program or would like to create a “unique” experience in India, our Junction 91 platform offers guidance and expertise in developing study abroad, internship and service learning programs, on the ground management and business services, risk management oversight and an “in-country” orientation.


Our Partners in Academia, Internationalization, and Research (P.A.I.R.) platform expands your international research and academic collaborations through a strategic and consistent effort to identify, develop and nurture relationships.

2+2, 3+1 or 1+3. No matter how you add it up, you require viable partners in India to globalize your program offerings.

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