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What is the SAT?

The SAT is the most widely used college admissions test, and it tests your knowledge in reading, writing, and math…as well as how well you can apply that knowledge!

Why should I take the SAT?
The SAT is required for admissions at many U.S. colleges and universities.  Even where it is not mandatory for acceptance, the SAT score often makes you eligible for scholarships.
Additionally, there are often SAT requirements for admission into degree-specific colleges, such as engineering.
When should I take the SAT?
We advise that you first take the SAT in the winter or spring of your 11th standard year.  This way, you are able to test again if you want to improve your score.  However, you can also take the SAT during year 12.
Upcoming SAT dates:
Register at http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-international-dates

SAT Preparation Books:

Collegeboard The Official SAT Study Guide with/without DVD:  As Collegeboard sets the exam, it is a good book to use as you prepare for your SAT Exam.
Barron’s SAT: The book has practice tests that are more difficult than the actual test.
Princeton Review- SAT 11 practice tests:  Please make sure you do the online practice tests through the collegeboard website. Then, if you need more practice tests, then you can buy this book.
Scoring the SAT:
Many U.S. colleges and universities provide their SAT requirements on a 1600 point scale, which includes only the reading and math scores.  If you are taking the 2400 SAT, it is easy to find your score on the 1600 scale; simply subtract your writing score from your overall score.
The U.S. national average score is about a 1500 on a 2400 scale.

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