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The journey with a Difference

Parent Coach – The journey with a Difference !

Whenever I am asked about this journey – how  the entire experience has been as a “Parent Coach” – guiding parents & children as they take baby steps towards their dream careers and brighter tomorrow – The question sets me thinking, the pause makes me wonder and before I reply – I SMILE !
Frankly speaking, if I say it myself it will be little embarrassing but I would mildly put it as – It feels that life is being put to GOOD USE. For me this is the REAL purpose of Life. Every moment of this journey has been awesome and with every moment experienced – I feel closer to my purpose.
My treasure of memories is overflowing with all the lovely pictures of families who went in late August to USA to settle their children. Every emotion shared through the pictures makes me feel Good about myself.
Both parents & children seem to be equally excited and confident of their tomorrow. This is exactly how I had visualized the end when I started this journey.
Now when the children are well settled in their respective universities and parents are back  – Can I say that the role of a Parent Coach ends here…is the journey over?

No, is my humble answer.

When we are dealing with lives – the process is bound to be never ending. There is no finish line – we are not dealing with products – we are dealings with personalities. I am still connected to all the parents & children. They are my friends for life.
My role as a “Parent Coach” is a never ending process – it is an endless journey – simply because we are changing lives and lives are always looking for a change – and CHANGE is the only thing that is Constant.
Thank you LIFE for this fabulous opportunity to make a Difference & Touch a Life !!!

Parent Coach – Touching a Life – The Best Journey

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