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INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954

The First Steps Towards Digital Marketing

In a fragmented media society, where attention is a scarce resource, the value of good digital marketers just keeps increasing. With that in mind, it might be helpful if we share some things new marketers like you could do when entering the industry to give yourself an edge.
1.  Start a blog
Blogging about your experiences is the number one tool for marketing yourself.  If you have insights share, openness is a wonderful philosophy to embrace. You’ll also elevate your writing skills by challenging yourself to create original content on a regular basis, connect with like-minded professionals and gain insight to how the social web works.
2.  Network, network, network
Connections are vital for success, especially if you can make them with people who are well renowned in the industry.  Use the web to your advantage, attend conferences, go to local meet-ups and build your network.  It helps both personally and professionally, and if you’re serious about becoming a go-to person in the industry, there is no excuse not to do this.
3.  Make some close, personal friends in the industry
This is different than purely networking to follow others on the web.  Make some real friends in the industry you speak with frequently.  You’ll be able to bounce ideas off each other, share resources, collaborate on things like non-profit work and essentially help motivate each other to get to the next level.
4.  Stay at the edge of communications, technology and trends
To be an effective marketer in a world of constantly-changing communications trends, it is essential to stay at the edge.  Embrace this and take the charge personally to keep yourself at the edge.  Read case studies, industry trades, blogs – create a system to get the right information and data coming to you every day without spending much time.
5.  Learn to be an analytics, data and research wizard
Becoming fluent in interpreting analytics and using the data for actionable next steps is now a basic requirement of marketers.  Also, get efficient in using research tools to get data to help you make better choices.  Learn to not just come up with good ideas, but also know how to support them.

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