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The Empty nest syndrome – New Innings!

I am not a cricket fan – but somehow the word “Innings” has always attracted me and if you were to search its meaning on Google – You might too approach it with a little extra respect for it simply means – “A period during which a person or group is active or effective.”
Now you all must be wondering – What has “Innings” got to do with the  “Empty Nest Syndrome.” 
For every parent there comes a time in life when they feel that Life has come to an stand still – the path they have been walking all along suddenly disappears or should I put it as – The path now seems to be invisible because a strange kind of fog surrounds them and it kind of seems impossible to drive through this path to reach the destination they had set their eyes upon.This is nothing but the dreadful “Empty Nest Syndrome” that every parent is afraid to face head on.
The Empty Nest Syndrome refers to the phase in a parent’s life when their children move out to experience their own independent lives in a college.
Many of my family & friends were surprised when they saw how gracefully I had managed this crucial phase of life.
To me – this phase has a totally new name.I would rather refer to as my Second innings – A New BeginningA New journey !!!
For me “Innings” is a very crucial period – for it is our opportunity to put into use our precious commodity TIME to its optimum use.

Innings – a period of opportunity or action

To many this phase may seem as the end of life – but honestly speaking if you look deeper – it is a Beautiful Phase – one that must be looked forward to with excitement and appreciation.
A New chapter of Life begins…
After sending our children to these faraway lands – with all the time left at hand and no more running around to finish all the necessary duties – how does one manage to survive? – This demand MUST be tackled much before the children proceed towards their new phase.
Trust me there is no rocket science involved in this management. It is as simple as getting the puzzle pieces all sorted out before fixing them.Once the pieces are sorted – putting them together becomes EASY.

Advance preparations are a necessity – for it is only then – can we be at ease.

I am someone who believes in planning and so it was quite obvious that this phase too was planned much ahead of time and was accepted gracefully upon its arrival in my life.
“We all know when the Empty Nest Syndrome will knock in our life – so isn’t it better to welcome it with open arms – just the way we welcome our guests – Smile on the face and faith in our hearts that the next couple of hours (years when it comes to the Empty Nest) will be awesome.”
In my case, the preparation for this phase was well planned. The basic awareness & acceptance that there is no escape from it, made it very easy for me to start working on my future plans, much before the girls left.
And the consciousness that I have entered a new phase of life – one that involves a shift in my mindset – gave me the much needed wisdom to prepare for the readjustments that were needed to make the transition easy.
Self-Acceptance of the certainty that my parenting goals have been met and my children have now become self-sufficient – worked as an excellent stress buster – it made me feel AWESOMETop of the World!!!
My New innings are waiting for Me…
Here’s to Second Chances
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