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Studying Abroad While Studying Abroad

While studying in the U.S., there are many, many opportunities that you shouldn’t miss out on.  One of these is studying abroad.  You may argue that, as an international student at a U.S. university, you are already studying abroad, and this is true.  However, universities offer awesome programs for you to be able to put your learning into practice in new and diverse environments with new and diverse people and you shouldn’t pass this up!
I studied abroad in Segovia, Spain, for a semester.  As a Spanish major, I was able to take 4 courses at a local center that helped me increase my Spanish-speaking abilities and grow in my knowledge and awareness of Spanish culture. My professors were all experts in their fields; it was pretty neat to know that when my professor of Spanish civilization left our classroom he was heading back to the Prado museum, where he worked.  I stayed with a host family in Segovia, which helped me to gain a firsthand knowledge of Spanish community and culture and to be able to identify the similarities in humanity across the differences in life and culture.  Neither my professors nor my host family spoke English, so it was up to me to work as hard as I could in order to succeed in my classes and bond with my community.
After my experience in Spain, I knew that the academic experience abroad is one worth having and worth sharing with others.  In today’s world, cross-cultural communication skills and intercultural sensitivity are two of the most important things that you can bring to both your job and to your community; studying abroad is a fun and challenging way to be able to learn about yourself and the people around you and gain the tools necessary to live in an ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-diversifying world.  When you let the world change you, you become better equipped to change your world – do you want to make a difference?
Most universities offer study abroad programs for semester, month-long, or summer courses. Each of these is valuable; you simply have to decide what is best for your interests and which will fit best into your schedule.  Many students fear that going abroad will be too expensive, and let’s face it: a college education is expensive.  However, many universities try to make studying abroad affordable by charging the same amount of tuition and fees as they would for a regular semester; in most cases, your scholarships and financial aid are applicable for at least one semester of off-campus study.  For other, short-term, programs, many schools and outside organizations offer scholarships.  If you want it, you can find a way to make it happen and there are many people who will be eager to help you along the way!

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