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Student Story: Sudhir Selvaraj

Meet Sudhir, a Bangalore boy who has a flare for political science and communication! He completed his undergrad in Global Studies and Political Science at Concordia College in Minnesota and is now on his way to getting his Masters in International Relations at Kings College London.
Why did you choose a liberal arts education?
The liberal arts are awesome. It provides you with a great range of subjects to explore while at the same time allowing you to focus on your key areas. It is especially good if you believe in an interdisciplinary approach to study and analysis which I believe is essential in today’s fast changing world. Irrespective of your major, you are very well equipped with writing, speaking, critical thinking and presentation skills.
What made you study in the U.S?
The U.S. is known for the liberal learning environment. It allowed me to pursue a range of academic interests. My focus was on War and Conflict around the world. The mode of assessment is what really got me excited. Rather than being forced to memorize information I was taught to analyze it and present it in a cohesive and coherent manner. This is a skill that is hugely sought after in today’s job market.
What made you study Political Science?
It is a major with significant relevance to what is happening around us. It helps us understand who we are as a society and how we got here. More importantly, by studying this we hope to replicate it or never go down that path again.
The general tips and tricks that you could use are:
1) Keep in touch with your admissions representative – They are great resources in highly volatile situations and can give fantastic focused advice.
2) Talk to other students in the same boat- study entrance tests with them, keep abreast of deadlines or start making plans to meet when you are in the U.S.
3) Read about current affairs and know what is happening in the world – Admissions committees, scholarship committees, etc. love hearing about you but more importantly they want to get a sense of your understanding of the world and how you fit into it. Irrespective of your major – read newspapers, blogs, etc.
Words of advice to young political science aspirants:
I studied political science and international relations as majors with minors in business and communications. The scope for combinations like this is immense. You can either work in the media, academia, private consulting, diplomacy or a host of other areas. You will also find a job no matter what you study. So study something you are really interested in and be the best in it!

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