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It was the first time that I am in USA and it is like a dream now. I was wondering about the cultural, economical, infrastructural and natural differences over there. Roads are well cleaned, all the places are unpolluted and the infrastructural facilities are beautiful and appreciatable.
I opted for ‘Introduction to Marketing Strategies’. The class and way of teaching was entirely different from our Indian classes, there were ninety students in our class from Britain, Japan, Korea, China, Pakistan, Africa, India and from different states of the USA. The classes were so interactive and we used to discuss about cultural and marketing differences of each countries. It was so funny the way students came to classes, some students came in shorts and t-shirts and some without shirt and most of the students were carrying eatables to class. Our lecturer was a funniest person and he used to act many things in class. I laughed when I saw 62 years old lecturer coming to class in shorts.
On the weekends we visited Chicago, New York City and Niagara Falls. Chicago is a beautiful city with its modern infrastructure and when I saw the city for the first time I felt like ‘A heaven of the world’. New York City is the largest, crowded and beautiful city with its olden and traditional infrastructure. We roamed all around the cities and visited all the tourist places. Niagara Falls is really unbelievable, when I saw the natural wonder for the first time my mind was glowing, my heart was blowing, my eyes were blinking, my brain was thinking and my tongue was murmuring “ oh my GOD ..!! You are a great creator”.
And it was an awesome experience that I ever had in my life. The only time that I became sad was the time when I saw a group of homeless people (well dressed) in Chicago railway station, they were eating from waste bin and they were saying that “government is having enough money, they are having lot of weapons but people does not even have a job and a home”.
Shed Aquarium, Sky Deck Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, Adler Planetarium, The Field Museum, John Hancock Observatory, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Union Station, Niagara Falls, The Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial, the Iowa University Campus – everything is just a dream now and I wish to go to the USA once again to visit all those places again.
I personally convey my thanks to The International Knowledge Center for giving me this opportunity to take part in the STEAM program and for your help to get all documents ready and for providing us with all the facilities.

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