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Self-Centered – Are WE ???


Being a parent is the Greatest Blessing and our Children are most precious to us. “Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation” Powerful quote by C. Everett Koop – has always been the finest benchmark in my extraordinary journey of parenting.
Our children are a Beautiful Gift from God himself. We are blessed with this special Gift because GOD had faith in us. He trusted us…
To support our children in their DREAMS…
Believe in their UNIQUENESS…
And above all give them the very BEST…
Children are like a sponge ready to soak up life and all its experiences. The life we give them and the know-hows we share with them have a deep impression on their minds and hearts. It is indeed our responsibility to make sure that the memories & practices we create in their life are positive.

We are not just raising our Children…
We are shaping the future!

But sadly, many of us treat our children as the “Builders of our Dreams” – expecting them to accomplish our unfulfilled dreams, so that we can live our dreams through them. But little do we realize that this small desire from our end calls for a sacrifice – Yes, the moment we see this dream – we are creating a world, for our children, that is not theirs – the path they will walk will be ours – the goals will be ours and the destination – definitely – where WE once wanted to REACH some day !!!
Can you even envisage the impact of this decision of ours – Our children, whom we dearly love and care will have to let go off their dreams, sacrifice their vision for the sake of our Dreams and henceforth continue their life walking on the path of our Desires and aspirations.
If we expect them to fulfill our dreams and live their entire life on our philosophies, when will they get an opportunity to live their own Dreams?

Is this what we really want?

Are we so selfish and self-absorbed ?

Give it a thought…

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