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INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954

Prepare Future-Ready Leaders

What We Do

Our core focus is to help schools across the world prepare their students to be future-ready – from selecting the right subjects in school to identifying the right degree program to attending the right-fit university. We do this through our commitment to provide value added services to our school partners – whether it is supporting existing college & career counselors on staff, or serving as the in-school counselors, or preparing students for college and career through our integrated Blueprint for Success program.

A partnership with Gen Next Education allows you to:

  • Prepare students through a college and career readiness program
  • Provide college advising
  • Offer webinars on cutting edge topics through our university partners
  • Host university representatives for workshops
  • Graduate future-ready students

Our Philosophy

In the competitive world we live in, it is imperative for students to inculcate global competencies in order to be successful in their careers. We believe in working with schools to prepare future-ready students by helping them accurately identifying their strengths and interests and exposing them to opportunities beyond their current worldview.

Our Approach

We provide schools the resources necessary to offer a global experience for their students in the form of webinars, workshops, programs, and partnerships with institutions from around the world.

Circle of Success™

Gen Next’s Circle of Success™ offers a wide range of opportunities for you to advance a broad internationalization agenda and graduate global leaders.

Blueprint for Success

This one-of-a-kind, four-year integrated program starts at Grade 8 and builds each year with new activities and assessments until Grade 11. Through this curriculum, we are committed to engaging with the entire school community—students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators—because we believe all the influencers in a student’s life should be involved in their process and decision-making toward defining their career goals.

It is the most comprehensive, versatile and adaptable college and career preparation program anywhere. Ask us how you can bring BFS to your school and help your students design their own futures.

College Advising

Our commitment to help you prepare your students for the future does not stop at our college and career readiness program. We have a robust counseling practice built into our operations and have staff across India who will work with each student individually from degree and university selection to visa interview preparation. Moreover, all of our counseling services are free to students and families.

Would you like to ask one of our alums or their parents about their success going through the Gen Next counseling process?

Study Abroad Workshops

Our study abroad workshops bring groups of overseas universities to your campus to interact with your students and expose them to the myriad opportunities available at campuses across the world. These interactive sessions are a huge hit with students, teachers, and administrators since they encourage healthy debate and discussion regarding careers of the future and how to plan for them.

Host one and you’ll find out for yourself or ask one of the 600+ high schools about their experience hosting one of our signature workshops.

Why High Schools Love Working With Us!

Since 2011, over 750 high schools have worked with us to expand their internationalization efforts. Whether it is to facilitate study abroad workshops on campus, host student teachers from the U.S., explore teacher training programs, create overseas educational and cultural trips for their students, or partner with international universities, high schools love working with us. Find out how your school can benefit from a partnership with Gen Next Education!

Seminars & Webinars

Take advantage of our international university partners and their world-class faculty to present seminars and webinars to expose your students to a variety of subject matter such as robotics, nanotechnology, water resource management, creative writing, etc.

College Exploratory Program

Take your students to the U.S. for a 2-3 week college exploration. The trip will include visits to several colleges and universities selected for their diversity in terms of their geographical diversity, size, programs offered, public/private etc.

Educational Trips

Go beyond just trips to NASA! Create opportunities for your students to explore a wide variety of topics on U.S. campuses and not just limited to STEM fields. You name it, we can help create it.

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