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INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954

Political Communication

Political Communication is the cornerstone to two main areas of work and study:
Election Campaigns – This is where you get the chance to play an active role in a political campaign by designing the campaign message, organizing campaign finance, coordinating with activists making the best use of your skills in media and communication management while engaging with political consultants in the field.
Government Operations – Is the largest service operated sector run by the government, which involves all the fields that play a crucial part in the development of the country. One has a chance to enter service sector industries like communications, education, emergency services, entertainment, financial services, firefighting, healthcare, insurance, law and its enforcement, postal services and government transportation.
The list of fields to which you can apply political communications are endless, as this is a study which has its role in all industries and sectors across the world. To help narrow this down further, here is a list of occupations that are open to your disposal with this degree:
Campaign Manager
Campaign Strategist
Government Official (elected or appointed)
Journalist (particularly in a political capacity, such as a statehouse correspondent)
Legislative Aide
Political/Policy Analyst
Political Strategist
Public Relations Manager
Press Secretary
Speech Writer
Spokesperson (for a university, organization, etc.)

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