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US: +1 651-246-8988 | INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954

Yashika Maini

Director of Marketing and Communications

Yashika manages Gen Next’s marketing and communication efforts. She is also responsible for the development and dissemination of relevant information through blogs, email campaigns, and social media channels.


Yashika grew up in New York City, where she lived with her parents and two sisters.  Having always had a passion for helping others, especially students, reach their full potential, Yashika became an educator after graduating from Boston University and spent over 7 years in the New York City public education system, working first with students and then with teachers, helping them expand their instructional practices and maximize student outcomes.

After moving to Mumbai with her husband, Yashika earned her certification in College Counseling from UCLA, and joined Gen Next Education as a counselor for US University admissions and curriculum developer for their college and career exploration program—Blueprint for Success.  In her current role, she is driving the implementation of Blueprint for Success in participating schools, as well as managing Gen Next’s outgoing communications and social media platforms. 

Yashika enjoys traveling the world with her family and continuing to apply her passion for education to her young son, Ryan.


  • B.A., Sociology, Boston University, 2006
  • M.S, Elementary Education, Pace University, 2008
  • Certificate in College Counseling, UCLA, 2016