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Parents helping Parents


Parents helping Parents

IPCP – New phase in the journey of life. “Parent Coach” – An idea once in my THOUGHTS – seems to have taken a MOMENTUM – Let the journey begin…
Smiles & Satisfactions on the faces of parents & children are now within REACH. Every parent deserves the BEST when it comes to this beautiful Bond between parents & Children. And this is the THOUGHT behind this new adventure to life.

“Bottle your wisdom and energy and share it with the world!” 

A beautiful suggestion by a friend – sparked the idea in my mind.Theseeds of this journey were sowed long ago – may be some day I can share that little connect of life – But for the time being and to put it in short for the readers who would like to know how it all began – I would like to say that we (my husband and I) wanted to do something that would help parents who are looking at sending their children to USA to pursue their dream careers. The process of sending children to USA can sometimes get stressful and at times rip us apart.
We wanted to reach out to such families – connect together and help more and more families and children to enjoy the process.
Sending not just one but two daughters – we can kind of relate to such journeys that every parent undertakes. The destination, though when reaches – satisfies us – but if the journey is stressful – chances are that most of us might give up half way. This leads to unnecessary guilt & frustration.
For both Sunil & myself , the journey and Destination – both are equally important. When the journeys are relaxed and satisfactory, reaching the Destination is then definitely bound to bring with itself an enormous amount of peace and fulfillment.
The sole purpose of the IPCP (International Parent Coaching Program) is to offer support and guidance to many more families and children to enjoy the admission process.

The joy and satisfaction of this journey is of utmost importance and must be Experienced and Cherished by all.

With this purpose in mind – we bring to you all the DOTS in the journey of our life. The DOTS are within our reach – We just need to connect them.
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