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Parent Spotlight: Chitra Anand

My husband and I believe in “Education – being the wealth nobody can take away from you“ and studying in the USA was a great opportunity in terms of experiencing life away from home coupled with the comparison that an American college education is like having an extensive buffet spread. One can choose and opt for subjects which they are passionate about and this was a game changer!
Anisha’s school education was for most part parent-driven and hand held so for her to experience an education in the US would cut the umbilical cord and all decisions made henceforth would be entirely hers, making her accountable for the smaller things that play a vital role; even if it means that she would have to adapt to a social culture of the western world.
IKC proved their role in being the best thing for Anisha, considering her upbringing. They have also guided us as a family throughout the application procedure, answered my questions, dismissed doubts and assured that they were with us even after the admission process was done. There were choices to be made during the whole process and the IKC played a pivotal role in debating the pros and cons of the options available. In short, they were like an extended family with their guidance.
Being involved during most of Anisha’s preparation and planning for college, my advice to prospective students or parents would be:
# Planning early clearly has its advantages.
# If the student is clear about the subjects to opt for – job done else, advice from IKC counselors is very essential.
# All is not lost, if the student isn’t sure what to major in, the USA is a land of choices and requires no pressure to put all your eggs in one basket.
# As a family, debate and discuss all the “what –if “situations as they bring clarity to future decisions.
Working with the IKC was effortless as we had discussions and debates like one would have at a dining table. They were always approachable at any time and the best example of this was when we were at Chennai for the visa interview; a counselor called and briefed us about what to expect. Even though a staff member was on leave they made sure to call and counseled Anisha as to how to tackle the questions she was up against; this was despite the fact we had met earlier in Bangalore and went through the pre departure orientation.
All roadblocks regarding Anisha’s school transcripts were also dealt with by brain storming alternative ways to effectively solve the problem and the counselor inputs on the college essay were extremely helpful and deadlines were always met as the staff was pro-active and would get back in no time.

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