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New Year’s Resolution: Study Abroad!

Happy New Year!  When I was home in the U.S. for the holidays, I spent some time with a group of girls that I mentored when I was in high school and college.  Now THEY are in college, which definitely makes me feel old!
During our little reunion, we caught up on the last semester, how we were enjoying our Christmas vacations, and shared some of our hopes for the new year, including our resolutions.  I was super excited to hear at least half of them share that their #1 New Year’s Resolution was to figure out their study abroad plans!  Some are hoping to do a short-term program during the summer, some are searching for summer internships, some are exploring a semester abroad, and one has already enrolled in a Chinese university and vowed to speak only Mandarin for 4 whole months!
A new year is about new opportunities.  It’s about turning our dreams into reality.  Will 2013 be the year that you figure out your study abroad plans, too?
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