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INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954

My weekend with the STEAM 2012 students

I spent the last weekend at the University of Iowa and I have to say, it was one of the most refreshing weekends I’ve had in a long time. Not because I lazed around a pool and got massages (I wish!), but because I was hanging out with the 6 students who are at UI attending our STEAM 2012 program.
Its exciting in and of itself that a program we envisioned almost a year ago is actually in progress. But what’s even more exciting is to see the students, enthusiastic and full of energy to learn and to explore, and spend the next 3 weeks at full steam (pun intended).  They reminded me of me a long time ago, when I first landed here from India.
Each comes here with his/her ideas and impressions and I’m eager to live vicariously through their initial experiences of American culture, education and life in general.  I wish them the best and hope that they find this experience invaluable.  As I was leaving them on Monday, I challenged them to keep an open mind and to ask as many questions and challenge as many assumptions, both of their own and of others.
They’ve all promised to do just that and to share their experiences through pictures and words.  I’ll be keeping an eye on this blog for their insights and recommend you do the same.

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