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Minnu’s Minute: Why You Should Intern or Volunteer

When you are in college, everybody tells you to do internships in a field that interests you.  Did you know that you can get an internship while you are in high school, too?  If you can, I recommend you do pursue internships and volunteering because this will help you in more ways than one.
An internship does not have to be paid. It is the work experience that matters. The work experience will make you more equipped and competitive for the corporate world. Through, internships, you will get a glimpse of how the corporate world looks. You will acquire skills such as time management because you will be trying to balance your academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, social life (we hope you have one) and your internship! In addition, you will be able to explore options of what majors you could pursue. You may even be inspired by a career choice! You can also start learning how to network and build relationships with professionals who could become your mentors.
All of the above is applicable for volunteer opportunities as well. When I was a high school student, I volunteered for a non-profit organization where I worked with domestically abused and differently-abled persons. Working closely with the people inspired me to take up psychology. I also did administrative work for the non-profit and I assisted them with managing the accounts of all the money that comes in through fundraising. Through the experience, I strengthened my organization skills. I also learned the working of a non-profit organization; this knowledge was transferrable to understanding any function of any business. My volunteer experience helped me strengthen my college application and it also helped me bag my first internship right after my first year.
So here it is! Doing an internship or volunteering for is an investment that can give you more returns than you think. It makes you explore and learn more about yourself, strengthens your college application, develops you professionally, gives you a head start on your career search and  makes you competitive in the professional world.

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