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Minnu’s Minute: What Can You Do With A Business Major?

What can you do with a business major? I can envision a never-ending list of careers that would be open to you. You will have the ability to work in any function in any firm you desire. The business strategies and skills you learn in your classes may further help you manage your personal finances, manage a corporation or start your own business! I was an Economics major with a business administration minor. Through my story let me tell you what I did with my major and my minor.
The business classes helped me understand and analyze the different functions of business such as marketing, finance, supply chain and investments. Now, I wanted to get this internship in the corporate treasury department of an engineering firm. Due to the flexibility of the U. S. education, I was able choose to take classes that would strengthen certain skills. For example, I took a managerial accounting class to understand how organizations use data to make financial decisions within the company. I also wanted to learn about how to better predict financial market trends and therefore decided to take a class in Behavioral Economics.
Consequently I secured the internship, was very excited about it, and I definitely decided that I did not want to do it for the rest of my life. However, the good news was that all my business classes had prepared me to transfer all the knowledge and skills I learned to secure other internships and full-time employment opportunities. I got a chance to intern for the IT quality development department, was able to work in hospital administration, start a clinic, and secure a job after college in marketing.
So, don’t be scared to take full advantage of your business major because it will fully prepare you for numerous career opportunities. Your business classes will be chock-full of theories and opportunities to put those theories into practice! Outside of the classroom, it is your responsibility to utilize the knowledge and skills you gain from these classes towards building your career.  Go get ‘em!

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