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Minnu’s Minute: What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree?

Psychology: My favorite subject! I had the opportunity to take many psychology courses during my time in university. I was able to conduct and assist with a few research projects, as well. From my experience, I recommend that you start thinking about psychology-related career paths early on in your studies! I understand that many students are interested in therapy and research. In that case, if you would like to be a therapist you should think about pursuing your PsyD. (Doctor of Psychology) degree. If you are interested to go into research, you should think about pursuing a PhD in Psychology. In this article, I would like to talk about the other ways that you can use your psychology major. Here are some of your options:
Marketing, Advertising and Brand Management:  This is where companies can utilize psychology majors to leverage the value of their product or their service. You may be able to start working with an advertising agency or a marketing or advertising department of a firm as a market researcher or an analyst. In the marketing field, you may find a role identifying the target audience and creating advertising materials to maximize the impact of the product or service is extremely important.
Public Relations: Many psychology majors are found in public relations management companies. They mostly work in teams to come up with various strategic communication plans for emergent actions, launch of a new product or a company and so on. If you combine your psychology degree with a mass communication degree and a few business classes, you may be able to choose a career path that leads to being a public relations officer in firms that span many industries.
Financial and Risk Analysts: Theories in economics assume that consumers are rational. Theories in psychology assume that consumers are irrational. That being said, a new subject was born that developed theories that associated consumers as quasi-rational. Various banks and insurance companies use behavioral economics theories to create financial models, risk management assessments and hedging simulations to predict the future of the market or the behavior of the customer. If you are interested in economics and psychology, make sure you talk to your advisor and professors about behavioral economics to find out how you can learn about it in class and apply it through projects or internships.
Social Work:  The other great field you can get involved with is social work. Many psychology majors go into social work and work for non-profits that deal with traumas and evacuation of victims of various catastrophes. The other option is to work with hospitals that would need a social worker to assist with the mental being of geriatric patients or patients suffering from terminal illness.
If you are interested in pursuing a career in any of these fields right after your bachelor’s degree, I suggest you talk to your academic advisors and the career center in your university so that you can learn the theory in class and exercise the practical application of the theory through internships. This way, you can explore your interests, gain skills and knowledge in such a way that you will be able to pursue a profession that you will enjoy the most!

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