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Minnu’s Minute: What Can I Do With A Political Science Degree?

In my time at the university, I have taken a few political science classes. It always fascinated me as to how political science intertwined with various other subjects like economics, business, sociology and sometimes physics! My political science classes taught me to analyze, strategize, reason and write; all of which are transferable skills. I can only imagine the amount of unique jobs that would be open for political science majors! I would like to give you an insight into the various career options through the experience of what my friends and classmates did with their political science major.
As many other graduates, you have the option to pursue your master’s degree in law and international relations. If you find your niche in research, then explore the aspect of pursuing a PhD. Program in political science. The rest of you, who would like to join the workforce right after your bachelor’s degree, you would have a variety of positions in different fields to try out. If you are interested in economics and political science, you can work as a research analyst for banks and consultancy firms.
If you have a flare for politics, you could start your career by being part of the campaign run by the candidates standing for election. During the elections, one of my friends got the opportunity to organize and run fundraising campaigns for a political candidate. This gave him an edge in fundraising and now works with a multinational company where he goes around the world organizing corporate social responsibility campaigns. If you love writing then you can couple the political science major with your writing skills to end up working for non-profit organizations as grant writers and present proposals to governments and major foundations. Some even get an opportunity to work as a policy analyst for newspapers and governments. A policy analyst has the responsibility to research and analyze various existing policies (government or business) to identify roadblocks and flaws in policies and consequently suggest revisions.
If you think about it, the career options I have mentioned are a few examples of what my peers have pursued. Imagine what the rest of the political science majors in the world are doing after they graduated! Please don’t forget to do the following when you are in your university:

  • Make sure you talk to your career services, professors, mentors, peers, seniors and alumni and make a list of the number of career opportunities that are available for you.
  • Identify your strengths and your skillset
  • Explore the list of the opportunities you have created and combine it with your strengths and your skills to consequently find your best fit.

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