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Minnu’s Minute: It’s Still Not Too Late

It is just that crucial time for board exams (I am sure you will do very well!) While your board exams continue, it is also the time when you are thinking about your life after high school– your higher education.  If you are still thinking about studying in the US, please understand that it is not too late, and you can still attend the university in the Fall (August- September) without compensating on the quality of the education. These are the following types of universities that are still open for admission:
1)      Rolling Admission: This means that the university does not have a deadline for applications. However, now is a great time to apply to such universities. My suggestion to you is to submit your application as soon as you can so that you can get your admission decision and consequently prepare your visa documents.  Here are a couple of examples of universities that have rolling admission:

  1. University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point
  2. University of Wyoming

2)      Late Regular Decision Deadline: Some universities have later admission deadlines and some of the deadlines go up until May. Here are a few examples of such universities:

  1. University of Iowa– March 1
  2. Kansas State University– May 1
  3. University of Kansas– April 1

3)      Late Action Deadline: Few universities offer this benefit to the students.  If you are a student that couldn’t submit your application on the dates that the university had appointed, then these universities are willing to look at your application on a case-by case basis.  Such universities will only approve your application if you have legitimate constraints.

  1. University of Denver

If you are a student that never thought of studying abroad and nervous because you do not have your SAT scores, then please do not worry.  There are many universities that have later deadlines and do not require the SAT scores in their application process. If you are a student interested in aforementioned options and need guidance to identify such universities please do not hesitate to contact me at minnu@myikc.com.  Best of luck in your exams and your college search!

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