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Minnu’s Minute: 11 Step Counseling Process

  • Strengths and Weaknesses: During this session, we try to identify the student’s study option. In addition, the student will have the opportunity to identify the skills they have acquired and the knowledge they have gained from 9th through the 12th standard.
  • 10 components of an ideal university: At the end of this session, the student and the parent will have appropriate information on how to research on finding the right university for them. During the process, the student will be making the top 10 components of what they would want in their ideal university.
  • Financing College Abroad: This is a section that would be very important for the parents. They will be equipped with relevant information and options to make the higher education overseas as realistic and affordable as possible.
  • Identifying 10 Universities:  Once the students and the parents have a solid understanding of the area of study, the components and the financial aspects of studying abroad, they would be able to explore universities online. We would be providing the list of the universities that we deem fit. However, the student would be able to add other universities to the list. Finally, it will be the student’s decision on the 10 universities that they would like to apply.
  • Application and Scholarship Deadlines:  Once the universities are identified, we would map all the deadlines that need to be met for scholarships and applications. Then we will work backwards to spot draft deadlines. We will crucially consider high school exams to make sure that none of the deliverables are jeopardized in the process.
  • Preparing the College Essay: This is a very crucial process. Different universities need different types of essays. All the students going through the counseling process will be trained to understand the different types of college essays. In addition, they will be given pointers and tips to enhance the quality of their essay. Please understand that we will not write the essay for the students.
  • Letter of Recommendation and High School Transcripts:  The students will be encouraged to give prior notice to their respective schools for sending high school transcripts and giving letters of recommendations (LOR). The student will be given tips to approach their teachers for the LORs and so on.
  • Application Process Q&A: All the students who are going through the application process will come together for a session where any questions regarding the rest of the application process will be addressed. One-on-one questions will also be entertained.
  • Deciding the Right University: After the admission decisions from the universities have arrived, we will guide the students so that they could make an informed decision about the university they would like to enroll.
  • Visa Process: We will guide the students through the visa process and the interview. We will make sure that they will have a checklist of all the documents that are required for the application and the interview. Please understand that we will not complete and file the visa application for the student.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation: After the enrollment and the visa process is completed, we will give the student a pre-departure orientation that will include information about cultural similarities and differences, enhancement of the college experience abroad and so on.

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