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INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954
Have you heard about NCAA March Madness?  It’s the most exciting college basketball tournament of the year!  All over the U.S.A., college campuses and communities are in a BASKETBALL FRENZY.  It’s an exciting time for students to get caught up in something apart from their studies: sports and school spirit!!
But why should that frenzy stop in the U.S.?
The IKC is excited to anounce MARCH MADNESS MAYHEM – our opportunity to be a part of the madness from across the world!  Join the IKC in MARCH MADNESS MAYHEM and enter our exciting bracket competition!
Don’t know much about college basketball?? THAT’S OK! Some winning brackets we’ve seen in the past have been made by people who don’t follow basketball but join the fun just to be a part of the madness!
Create your bracket at http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/18921/invitation?key=0a33564e21f2ee60 and RSVP to our event so that we can keep an eye on our competition!
You can create your bracket now, but can only pick your teams from March 17 – 21.  Then, we watch and wait to see who the winner[s] may be!
See you on the court :)

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