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Let’s do it the Halloween-am style!

It’s Halloween today! And you cannot escape the fun of horror – it is in the air! I had an amazing day just people-watching most of the time! From early morning till late evening, in the classrooms, on the streets – I could see enthusiastic people in all sorts of costumes around me. I could see the Teletubbies, Alice in Wonderland, Superman, Batman, ghosts, goblins, a fairy, a magician, a rapper, a taxi-driver, a cop, a nurse, a zombie, a vampire, a cow boy, and so many others. And hey, did I mention the granny I spotted in a cow costume, ordering coffee at a Starbucks?! One of my roommates who dressed up as Courtney Love for the weekend Halloween party got up early this morning especially to dress up as a witch for the entire day! In fact, one of my classmates had a mailbox costume put up to which our Professor jokingly said,”I’m sure that’s a warm costume for the cold out there!” This evening, a friend and I hopped on to the Cambus and were amazed to find the bus full of people in costumes!. We felt like the odd ones out! All the time, we were secretly rating them on a scale of 1 to 10 and were surprised to find out that they had been the best dressed people we had come across in the entire day! I met with a Captain Jack Sparrow then (who was complaining of getting late for class..!) And then of course, there was another guy dressed up in the very sensational “Oppa-Gangnam-style”!  Though I managed to figure out most of the characters from their costumes, I had trouble guessing the others (maybe I’m a little less “Americanised” for that!)  And then I talked to my aunt in Chicago who was giving candies to the children going “trick-or-treat” in their costumes.
All in all, it was a really pleasant day, especially with the festive mood among students! And no, I have not forgotten to talk about the events and activities on-campus, as promised. I’ll do that soon in my next blog. Keep reading!

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