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INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954


Most universities provide automatic and free scholarship consideration to applicants — with some offering 25%-75% off tuition based on the academic and overall strength of the applicant!

That means:

1. How your child presents themselves in their applications can actually help you save a lot of money in tuition fees!

2. Your child can determine which universities to apply to based on the universities’ range of scholarship offerings.

GEN NEXT EDUCATION counselors can help your child do BOTH these things…Free of cost!


Different   universities   have   different   application submission deadlines. Often times, applying early can increase  chances  of  admission and  help  the student qualify  for better scholarships.

More and more international universities DO NOT require SAT or ACT exams for admissions consideration.  Some even offer scholarships based on just the marks from Grades 9-11. Now is  the  best  time  to  understand  admissions requirements,  learn  about  university  programs  and deadlines, and find out which universities will be a “good fit” for you.

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