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How to Choose Your College!

Short listing the colleges suitable for you can be a difficult process and I know about how difficult it can get as I am going through the process currently.

While selecting your college keep in mind that every college is good and every university is efficient. But what matters the most is that you find the university/college most suitable for you, as ever university has its own unique environment and its own unique features. Here are some steps that you can follow to select the best colleges for you:-
1. Dont focus only on Ivy League colleges and private institutions as some public institutions may be able to help you a lot more.
2. Set a budget that you find affordable.
3. Decide what subjects you want to take in college and what you want to major in.
4. Search for the university or colleges that offer the subjects you want but are still within your budget range.
5. If you have a low budget search for colleges that provide large number of scholarships and also check for colleges that receive large federal aid schemes.
6. Then make a check list of what the basic requirements you need to fulfill to get into the colleges that you have shortlisted till now.
7. If you feel you can fulfill the requirements then learn more about the university (this can be done from the university website). This is a very essential step as it will help you realize your fit into the college and if the college is suitable for you.
Well at the end of these 7 steps you’re almost done selecting your college. It’s always better to select 5 – 10 colleges as it increases your chances of getting accepted.
Note: Each university has its own specializations and own unique features which may suite your requirements and may be the best choice for you to achieve your goal.

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