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How About an Honors Program?

Do you wonder what an honors program is, and how it could benefit you? Let me tell you about my experience with an Honors Program! When I went to DePauw University I knew I wanted to study Economics. Now, I had to figure out as to how I can use my Economics degree in the corporate world. In addition, I wanted to be around students who wanted the same challenge as I did. I also wanted to be around students that had similar interests and passion in pursuing a similar career path as me. I also desired to build very close relationship with my professors so they could mentor me through my four years of education.
That is when I learned about the Management Fellows Honors Program that met my needs. This Honors Program was designed for highly competitive students who wanted to study economics and wanted to be the future leaders in public, private or non-profit enterprises. The program helped students take the classes that could better shape them for the career they planned. Through their lecture series, the gave students the opportunity to meet business professionals from different fields and different levels of management. It also created a platform where the students could learn from their peers and their seniors. In addition, the program offered student counseling for students trying to find internship opportunities.
Management Fellows Honors Program was the perfect package for me. It provided a great platform for me to maximize my learning in college. I was able to learn how to use my Economics major and apply it to the real world. The professors I worked with in the program mentored me and helped me build connections with their former students who went through the same challenges I did, and I was also able to sit in workshops that were coordinated by successful professionals from various fields.  The most fascinating part of the Honors Program was the opportunity to design and coordinate several case studies and events with other highly competitive students. This helped me push myself and challenge my limits.
The Honors Program paved a perfect path for me to get to where I wanted to be after college. More than anything, it helped me make the best out of my education and maximized my learning experience at DePauw. With my experience in mind, I strongly recommend that you consider joining an honors program. This is because it will help you prepare better for your life beyond college. It will create an environment where you will find students that have similar interests, challenges and goals. An honors program will help you work with professors that have met and guided similar students like you as well as help you meet and find mentors from the profession you want to pursue. In addition, it may help you find scholarship opportunities. Last but not the least, you will probably achieve an Honors Degree which would be a great addition to your resume!  So, no matter which university you go to, make sure to brainstorm friends, seniors, teachers and the IKC to find the honors program that best fits you!
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