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“Healthy Eating for College Students” (Part 1 of 4)


Food is the ENERGY of your Body !!!

Only when we accept the seriousness of the dare – are we equipped with the power to find the solutions. So let us start the series with a question. Is it really Challenging to Eat HEALTHY at College?
Allow me to introduce  you to The College Food Pyramid, which kind of explains it why most students find it difficult to stay healthy during this most vibrant milestone of their lives.
College life is the most energetic and vibrant time of our life and therefore one must enjoy every moment spend with friends. And trust me – Staying fit and healthy on the hostel campus is NO BIG DEAL when one knows the unknown.
I will be sharing with you a few tips on this matter, but before we get into the details, let us have a closer look at the College Food Pyramidand understand the severity of the above identified question.

  • The pyramid clearly reveals that Healthy foods & well balanced meals are eaten less.
  • Children end up eating junk food most of the time due to its easily availability.
  • Availability of free foods (mostly junk) makes matters worse.

Repeatedly it is found that children who stay in hostels are not able to maintain a balance when it comes to eating healthy.Ever wondered as to why our children fail to eat healthy? It is essential to understand the WHY’s before we can answer the HOW’s.
The reasons are many…
Lack of Time (not getting up on time) leads to skipping of meals, and this in turn forces children to resort to eating a lot of junk food. The first option available (which often is a slice of pizza / doughnut/croissants ) seems to be the best option.
Many times children are not able to adapt to New foods – New place obviously means New cuisine. And not everyone is prepared for this shift.
Children often tend to miss home cooked food. Suddenly the curries, pulaos and even the basic simple curd rice (that were often taken for granted) are cherished.
Feeling homesick leads to depressed state of mind and it is this crucial moment when most children stop eating their meals. This vicious cycle if continued over a long period can lead to children falling sick.
Does this mean that when staying at a hostel your child has to compromise and sacrifice on good health? Absolutely NO.
We as parents need to understand that this is a new phase of their life. Our children are undergoing a transformation….which, as we all are aware is always going to be difficult in the beginning. Their journey towards adulthood is taking shape. Our children are now on their own-managing their meals and menus with their own mindsets.
Also let us understand that our children, as students are engaged in a lot of learning and physical activity during their college life and hence they require healthy meals not only to provide them with physical strength but also a high level of mental strength to handle the daily pressures of deadlines and project submissions.
So all you mothers out there, who are looking forward to sending their children to hostel, do take a moment to share some Healthy connects that your children can incorporate in their day to day routine and keep themselves fit and healthy.
Here is the FIRST Connect – Food is the Energy of our body .The Foods we eat and Lifestyle Choices we make – Both drastically impact our personal health. Indeed, We are “What we “EAT” – Energy & Taste  The Foundation of Good Health Click the link & get the connect.


Next week, I will be sharing some of the basic facts associated with Healthy eating – share them with your children and guide them towards a hale and hearty College Life…
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