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INDIA: +91 080 41234927 | WHATSAPP: +91 6366 834954

The Global Scholar Search program is designed to provide you with a unique opportunity. As a Global Scholar, you will gain access to an affordable global education along with the resources and opportunities to nurture and develop your talents, helping you realize your full potential. 


The time is finally here! You have spent years working hard – studying and preparing for a bright future. And now, you are being recognized for it.

We invite you to submit your application to be considered for a prestigious GLOBAL SCHOLAR award from an overseas university. Awards will vary from university to university, but each award is designed to provide recipients with an affordable global education along with an intellectual and social environment that will take them from talented student to a Global Scholar, ready to lead in their professional field, in their community, and beyond. 

You are probably already thinking about an overseas education to prepare yourself for a bright future. Here is your chance to make that dream a reality. By accepting this nomination, you will be positioning yourself for a chance of a lifetime – to win a Global Scholar Award from an overseas university, to make a global education affordable, and to set yourself on the path for future success. It will only take a few moments to open up a world of possibilities for yourself.

Submitting an application

Please complete the application with all required supporting material:

  • Proof of your academic performance (Grade 9, 10, and 11 grades)
  • Proof of leadership experiences (Head girl/boy, Captain of team etc.)
  • Description of co/extra curricular and/or service-oriented activities
  • An essay describing your long term educational and career goals (max 500 words)

Application Process and Selection

Once you submit the application for a Global Scholar Award along with necessary supporting documents and a statement describing your long-term goals and how you intend to maximize your college experience, we will evaluate your candidacy through an initial review and will forward your application materials to select universities for their respective award candidate evaluation.  

Following a comprehensive evaluation of all applicants, Gen Next will coordinate with awarding institutions to select the 2022 Global Scholars.


We are accepting applications for the 2022 Global Scholar program. Please contact globalscholar@gennexteducation.com with questions.

Components of a Global Scholar Award Package

The Global Scholar Award packages will be robust and competitive and will provide you with an incredibly affordable opportunity to attend a university abroad. 

The components listed here will give you an idea of what each award might include and how these awards will provide a solid foundation for you to pursue an exceptional education while developing a set of global skills for a successful future.

To discuss further, please contact:

Financial Scholarship

This award component will be the highest available financial scholarship at each institution

Admission to Honors College/Program

Students may be automatically enrolled into an honors college/program thereby providing them with the additional academic rigor you’ve prepared them for.

Work Study Opportunity

This can bump up the overall financial component of the award and provide selected students a chance to build valuable professional skills while completing their degrees.

Scholarship for study abroad or domestic study away program

This component would offer the student an opportunity to participate in a defined study abroad program or earn credits through an off-campus program

International Student Ambassadorship

Selected students may be asked to serve as an international student ambassador and support recruitment efforts and current international student initiatives on their campus

Faculty Mentor

Awardees will be provided a dedicated faculty mentor who can guide them through their early days, identifying resources and pointing out stumbling blocks and preparing them for success

Participating Universities

The following universities are committed to the Global Scholar Program. Please check back here to see our growing list of participating universities.