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Divya: GLOBE Bangalore

Being an amateur poet, I usually have the knack of penning things down on paper. In fact, most of the times, the only way I find possible to share my emotions or experiences is through poetry. However, I still haven’t found a way to do justice while penning down my Globe Bangalore experience.
Sometimes, experiences engrave so deeply into you, that they change who you are. Globe Bangalore was such an experience for me, because it changed my perspective on a lot of things in life. Be it, trying new things, taking risks, or even just giving back to society, Globe Bangalore has left me a changed person.
One experience I doubt I’ll ever forget was when I met an old woman in the Chagalatti village. This village, in comparison to the rest, was better off, with a greater population of English speakers, concrete roofs, and better infrastructure. My friend and I were surveying people about our product proposals, when we came across her, crouched silently by a soil-soaked farmland. She sat there, alone, stuffing some paan into her mouth.
My friend began questioning her in Kannada, a language I slowly began picking up through my Globe experience. I recognized a few words here and there as my friend recited the same old survey, trying to gain more information on what the locals in the villages really wanted. The final question on the survey read, “So how much would you be willing to pay for such a service? Rs. 400-500?”
The old woman shooed us away immediately. I was quite confused about what was happening so I just walked quickly away with my friend since I didn’t want to offend the village local. Later, still confused I asked her what had happened and why the old woman had reacted the way she did.
“She doesn’t know what that means.”
“What? Wait, what what means?”
“50 rupees.”
“50 rupees?”
“She’s never been to school. She’s never bought anything for herself, she’s never even held that amount of money in her hand to know its value.”
I still don’t think I’ve gotten over the shock of that conversation or the way the woman looked, now in my memory, so helpless, dependent, and alone in the world. I realized how blessed I was to have been given the most resourceful education available, and I thanked my lucky stars that I now knew its value too.
The experience invoked a need in me, a need to give back to the society that has given me so much. I’m hoping to return to Globe Bangalore time and time again to be of service in these small remote villages in the outskirts of Bangalore. Globe has also taught me a way of connecting people who want to give to the people who need the help in our country.  And hopefully soon enough, with a little help from my brother, I’ll have another program similar to Globe Bangalore running in the slums of Mumbai.
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