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Catch 22 situations – Like the fork on the road holds us back


Catch 22 situations – Have you ever faced them???

If you say NO – Think twice – For such scenarios always surprise us when least expected.

Catch 22 situations– Like the fork on the road force us to think and rethink on the roads that lay ahead of us.

When we find ourselves at a fork – it is more or less like a catch 22 situation – leaves us confused and if given a choice – we would prefer to travel both and you will agree with me that this is like building a castle in the air. It is at this very point that we need to stop putting any extra efforts on this impossible feat and get realistic with the answer that we have to choose one of the either. This settlement of the mind makes things much easier to handle in future.

Typical catch 22 situation:

  • I want to send my child to America for a bright future but I can’t imagine myself not seeing him/her every day .
  • I am looking at seeing my child’s dream come true and I am willing to do whatever it takes but what about the family business that was started keeping him in mind.
  • I know my child is confident and smart but I am not sure if he can live by himself all alone in USA.

Many similar Catch 22 situations block our minds.

We feel helpless and disheartened – It is in such times we secretly wish for the RIGHT answers that can help us arrive at the RIGHT decision.
Through this little initiative of penning down my reflections of my journey as a Parent Coach we wish to connect with many more parents who are looking forward to sending their children to USA to live the life of their DREAMS.
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