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Business On Campus

If you are a business major, your schedule will most likely be full of courses like statistics, marketing, international business, human resource management, and economics. But there are a few OTHER things that you should know about maximizing your life as a business major:

  1. Your classes will be more than just a lecture! Sure, some required theory-based classes may be involved in the completion of your degree.  HOWEVER.  We’re assuming that if you want to study business, it means you want to DO business.  Am I right?!  Your classes will likely include independent research, discussions, group projects, presentations, and simulations.  For example: if you are in an entrepreneurship course, you will not only learn about the basic tenants of entrepreneurship, you will also be challenged to create a business plan and launch an entrepreneurial endeavor.  If you are in an economics course, you will likely be required to play the stock market – some universities even provide students money so that you can see the tangible results of your decisions!
  2. Know what’s going on and get involved!  Most university business schools have a number of business-oriented student organizations that you can be a part of and – eventually – maybe serve on in a leadership capacity.  Follow your interests to learn more about a certain area of business and you will likely see opportunity after opportunity open up to you as you build skills and gain knowledge and awareness about your field – this will also help you explore the vast scope of what you can do with a business degree!  Also, keep an eye on the happenings of the business school – there will likely be activities, guest speakers, and service opportunities that you can be a part of; not only will these activities encourage you to learn, they will also challenge you to NETWORK.
  3. Explore a double major.  Why, you ask?  Exploring another area of study will help you see how business studies fit into the rest of the world.  Business is not a field that sits in isolation; rather, it is integrated into personal life, the private sector, government, the corporate world, and NGOs/charities.  By studying another track – be it political science, history, language, anthropology, sociology, art, or dance – you will be better prepared to enter the world as a well-rounded and informed citizen who can understand the people and circumstances in which you interact.
  4. Study Abroad!  Hold on, you may say – aren’t I already studying abroad by going to the U.S.?  Yes, you are.  However, if you have the opportunity to study abroad AGAIN…why not?!  That question you will have to answer for yourself.  But we will give you just a few reasons why: 1. GLOBAL BUSINESS.  Enough said? We think so.  Business in this world is international.  Even if you aren’t working in a multi-national corporation, the global knowledge and skills you will gain during a month or semester abroad will challenge you to become a global citizen, which is important on EVERY level of business.  Most universities offer special faculty-led or university-planned months and semesters abroad especially for their business students.  These programs are often VERY popular, so seek out your options right away!
  5. Get an internship – or two, or three… Yup, we said it! “Internship” is quite the hot word these days, and we, too, believe it is the way to go!  Using your free time to intern will help you put everything that you learn in class directly into practice.  The school of business and your university career services should be able to provide you with current internship opportunities and help you find your match – Check out Minnu’s Minute about internships for more of our thoughts about the benefits of interning!
  6. Plug into the rest of campus.  That’s right – the rest of campus!  It may sound as if the business school has all that you need, and it just might.  However, don’t cocoon yourself inside of it!  Instead, follow your passions to other activities on campus where you can exercise your business prowess.  For example – does the Spanish club need a treasurer?  Does the student senate need a voice that will help identify how to strategically impact the student body?  Also, don’t feel as if all of your activities need to be business-related.  If you like to play basketball, play basketball!  And when the athletics organization expresses a need for students to help market the upcoming tournament, well…you know what we would recommend!

We know you may be used to just sitting in class taking notes, but this is your opportunity to get your hands dirty.  Take part in classroom discussion. Head up a student organization (or be a part of a few!).  Study abroad.  Make use of your summers and get an internship.  Use your skills to follow your passions in other campus opportunities.  Not only will you feel fulfilled as you see everything you’re learning come to life, you will also be prepared to enter the work force and will already have 4 years of practical experiences under your belt!

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