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Beyond the Required

One of the greatest advantages of studying in a university in the USA is having the opportunities to maximize your learning by putting theories into practice. As you explore universities, I highly recommend that you look into the academic programs and identify different experiential learning opportunities. These were the following opportunities that were offered in my university that enhanced my experiential learning. When you explore your university options, check to see if your university offers similar opportunities for your learning and growth.
Research Programs: Explore to see whether the university has undergraduate research opportunities.  While you explore, think about the possibility of doing research in another university or in a research organization in the nation. Furthermore, you might even get the opportunity to design your own research with a professor!
Internships:  Identify the different types of internship opportunities the university can assist you with. Some universities have programs that will allow you to intern during a semester and earn credits for it.  Some universities also provide credits for doing summer or winter internships as well. Explore the university’s career center website to identify the opportunities that best fit what you are looking for.  It features the companies that come to their campus. Sometimes it will feature students who have bagged unconventional internships.
Independent Study:  I always wanted to study a subject that would incorporate economics and psychology. However, such a course was not offered in my university. After a discussion with my economics professor, she designed a Behavioral Economics course for me as an independent study and I also got credit for it! Please note, if you know what you want to study and if it is something very specific, you have the option of designing your own major. So, if I wanted Behavioral Economics as my major, I could have worked with my economics and psychology professors to identify a curriculum that would define my major. Most of the universities support such independent studies; therefore look to see if your ideal university does this as well!
Study Abroad: You will have the opportunity to study in a different university in a different country for a semester or two!  You would be able to get credits for all the courses you take abroad. Sometimes you will have the opportunity to research or intern abroad for a semester! So be sure to identify the university’s study abroad opportunities as well as freedoms in selecting your school overseas.

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