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Becoming a Competitive College Candidate

What else can help you become a competitive college candidate? EVERYTHING BESIDES SCHOOL!
We want to take some time here to talk about how you can maximize this season of your life.  We know that you are incredibly busy with your studies, tutions, SAT/ACT prep classes, FITJEE training, and maybe some in-school activities.
Often, we hear that you don’t have time for much more!  However, we know that you spend time on Facebook.  You spend time with your friends, you go for shopping, you watch cricket and football.  We encourage you to consider making some of your free time intentional by investing in activities that will help you become – become a more competitive college candidate, yes, but also help you become a well-rounded individual!  Minnu takes some time in her minute this week to tell you about the value that internships and volunteer positions can add value to your application and to your life, and here we will share 5 more things that you can do to become an even more competitive college candidate:

  • Take part in a short-term program, either abroad or right here in India!  Check out GYLC and the 40K Foundation’s GLOBE program for some ideas.
  • Engage in conferences!  Google Science Fair and Model UN are two such activities that will allow you to connect and collaborate with students your age as well as challenge you to expand your knowledge, innovation, and presentation skills.
  • Think big about the things that you already do.  Do you write?  Keep writing! Consider publishing your blog or sharing your short stories with magazines and websites.  Do you and your friends like to make crafts? Explore how you can craft for a cause.  Do you notice lots of kids running around in your neighborhood? Start a summer camp!  Have an awesome invention running through your mind every night while you’re trying to go to sleep?  Don’t wait – start making it a reality!
  • Notice the life around you – the issues, the struggles, as well as what is going well.  Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to make your voice heard.
  • Make a difference where you are. If you see something that needs fixing, don’t wait for the government or an NGO to step in – get your friends and family together and start to make a change!

Many of you may already take part in activities such as the above but struggle with how these activities translate into knowledge, skills, and awareness that can transfer to your resume or college application.  Please get in touch with us at The IKC for help doing this!  Your experiences are incredibly valuable and you will feel even more empowered by being able to articulate what they mean to you.
Also, if you would like to share your story of your involvement with your community, school, art, or cause, please tell us!  We love to hear about what our students are doing, and we love to share your stories with other students to encourage them to act big and to BECOME!

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