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Be a “Pillar of Strength” for your child !!!


Be a “Pillar of Strength” for your child !!!

The above letters have been received by all parents – But never have they been given IMPORTANCE – Never have we as parents taken the much needed awareness to read it aloud – Comprehend its inner meaning & apply it to our journey of PARENTING.
Let us OPEN the letter and see what lies within…
We often consider our children as a “Second Chance”– a Blessed Opportunity – that life gives us to fulfill our personal dreams. The day our children are born, we start building a road map to fulfill our dreams through them. Honestly speaking – I don’t identify with this repetitive rhythm that is being royally followed generations after generations in our society – GUILT FREE.
My firm belief of this disapproval arises from the fact that we have our own capacities and limitations. We are different – we think and act differently and so to expect our children to fulfill our dreams sounds totally incorrect.

Our children are unique and they have their own Goals and Ambitions

We are excellent in our own special ways and have our specific talents and aptitudes, likewise our children too, have their specific aptitudes that are unique. To expect our children to accomplish our goals would then be totally unfair and imbalanced.
When we expect our children to be the go-getters of our dreams – we are, sometimes unknowingly being a road block in the path of their dreams.
Instead of being a pillar of strength in their lives we end up being an obstacle in the path of their vision and ultimately we pass on the legacy of “Carry forward your Dreams to the Next Generation” to our children.
The cycle needs to STOP – for it is not an advantageous inheritance – that we should be proud off. Someone has to start a new trend – a new perspective has to be shared with the world. Why not it be YOU & MEand we ALL work together and pass on the legacy of “Live your own DREAMS” to our Children.
As parents we should be proud of the privilege we have been awarded by God ….The responsibility of nurturing little angels – Let us not only encourage our children to DREAM BIG but also support them positively and sincerely in accomplishing their targets and living the life of their dreams. And when we do so – We are sure to reap the fruits of this positive deed in the future.
I speak these lines with a personal experience. I am fortunate to be a mother to two daughters both unique in their own special ways.
As parents we have always been supportive of their dreams and therefore when my elder daughter decided to pursue a career in research in the field of Math & Physics (very rare for a girl) we stood by her decision. We took a step further to send her to the United States to pursue her dreams as it is one of the best places for Research and Education in this field.
Together WE – Parent & Child worked as a TEAM – to fulfill the Dreams of this angel – Our most Cherished Gift from GOD.
Leaving you with a connect to take you forward in this new legacy –“We parents have been bestowed upon with a sole responsibility :

  • Firstly to encourage our children to DREAM BIG and
  • Secondly be a Pillar of Support & Strength in the journey of their DREAMS

Nurturing these little angels with this understanding is to make God feel proud of his choice… Of us as parents to this little angel !!!
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