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Apoorva: UWSP


From: New Delhi

Going to: University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

Major: Mass Communication

 Apoorva! It’s been a long and winding road, and I’m SO excited that you are heading off to Wisconsin soon!  Can you tell us why USWP is the perfect fit for you?
UWSP is the perfect fit for me because it has all the programs I am interested in. Also, it is located in a small town which gives it a homey feel. The professors are very kind and humble. I have been lucky to be in touch with the ISSO Director, Mr. Brad who has helped me all the way. UWSP is all I am looking for in a university.
You did a LOT of research starting out.  When you were looking at universities, what were the 5 most important factors for you?
The 5 most important factors were :
1. A passionate and driven course curriculum;
2. Maximum involvement of students on campus in all ways;
3. The size of the university and the town so it fits my needs..Like, this is a big transition, so I didnot want to get lost in a big city, so this was a crucial factor for me;
4. The diversity of students on campus;
5. And the most important of all, scholarships and aid to international students.
Why did you decide to study in the U.S.?
In the mid-12th grade (which I know was very late), I started to ponder on the main crossroad – College. I knew I wanted to try as many things I could and experience everything that a student could, which seemed like a very difficult task in our country. Because we have to be clear about what course we must pursue. Being a sixteen year old, I can’t decide the topping of my ice-cream let alone my major. The Liberal Arts System called out to me. Also, the way students don’t just earn a degree but learn everything from their college experience in the U.S. is fascinating. I have many extra-curricular interests and I would like to explore them during my college time too. :)
What was the biggest challenge for you in the application process?
The rules. There were so many rules for everything. The financial documents must be attested, the essay must not exceed 500 words, the SAT exam must be cracked. I think the whole process was deliriously tiring, but extremely fruitful too. I got to manage my time and meet so many new people along the way. A piece of advice to all the aspiring students, do focus on the regulations because they ARE supposed to be adhered to.
Were you able to find scholarships?
Surprisingly, was I not only admitted to all my universities but received gracious scholarships from all of them. Though my scores were not top-notch, yet my overall involvement fetched me more than I had hoped.
Tell us more about why you want to study mass communication!
My mother used to narrate to me the story of one of the best journalists, Mr. Fareed Zakaria, as a child. I loved listening to her and how Mr.Zakaria was an amazing journalist. I have been much of an anchor my school life and I love managing the stage. For the time being, I think I want to pursue this interest of mine. :)
What is your big dream?
My big dream is to work at a place that matters, to me, and to the community. But the biggest dream I have is to be featured in the Outlook magazine we have here.. under the section the Greatest Indians. :D
Awesome.  We can’t wait to see the path that life continues to lead you down and how you continue to make a difference in the world!  Do you have any other words of advice for students who are hoping to study abroad?
All I would want to say to my fellow friends is that NEVER GIVE UP! At times when your practice test score would be stuck at 1800, you might want to just leave it, but DON’T! Remember, you are a star and you have everything that it takes. And the U.S. has all you want to seek as a student. So, just make your lists properly, do everything on time, get all the advice you need and you’ll be fine.
Before we sign off, what are you most looking forward to about going to UWSP?
UWSP – Ahhh, EVERYTHING. From the climates, to the dorms, to the classes, to the professors and the airports. It’s all a new adventure and I want to enjoy every bit of it. I think the Green Circle Trail that my university has will be the best! But I can’t say, it’s tooooo sooooon! :) :)
Woohoo!  Watch out Wisconsin, here she comes!

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