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All About the AP Exams

The AP exams are relatively new in India, and while many of you are excited, we’ve heard that others of you are confused.  Here are a few things that you should know about the AP exams:

  • AP stands for Advanced Placement.  In the U.S., many high schools offer AP courses to provide more challenge for their students and, come May, the students have the opportunity to take the corresponding AP exam.  Students generally take the exams in their 11th and 12th grade year.
  • You don’t need to take the AP course in order to write the exam.  If you are taking a subject that has an AP exam, check out the study guide for that subject as you may be ready to write the AP exam.
  • AP exams are not required for admission to university.  While universities like to see that you have taken the most challenging courses available in your school, AP exam scores are not a requirement.
  • The AP exam is scored on a point scale ranging from 1-5 and, if you score high enough (generally a 3 or above) you may receive college credit for your course.  This is helpful because it may allow you to begin your course at a higher level.  For example, if you take the AP Chemistry exam, receive a score of 4, and your university grants you credit as if you had taken the Chemistry 101 course, you can begin your chemistry career taking 201.  You will also have received the credit for this course, which means that you may need to take fewer courses in order to graduate, saving you both money and time.
  • For example: When I (Jen)was in my 12th, I took the AP English Literature and Composition exam as well as the AP English Language and Composition exam.  I had taken an enriched English course, but I hadn’t taken the AP English course.  I scored a 3 and 4 respectively and my university granted me 6 credits per exam; this totals 12 credits and is the equivalent of 4 college classes.  Not only did this permit me to skip the mandatory “Freshman English” composition course inflicted upon every incoming student, it also gave me almost a semester’s worth of credit and was a huge stepping stone towards graduating early from university.  When these credits were added to the credits I received from some community college courses I took in high school, I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree (double major + minor) in 3 years.  The number of credits you may receive will depend on the university; Some universities will also provide credit for IB and A/AS level courses.

While it is most important that you spend your time maintaining good grades, studying for the SAT/ACT, and developing your involvement in your school and community, the AP Exams can be an awesome asset to your college application.  If you have more questions about the value of the AP exam, contact The IKC.  You can also check out their official AP in India website!

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