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Admission Representatives Speak: Benefits Of A Business Major

Sitting on a bus and travelling with a bunch of excited university representatives is great, but sometimes the journeys get a little bit long. Since we have a lot of time together, I decided to ask a couple of the university representatives as to what they thought about the value of a business education.
Dr. Gabrielle Malfatti-Rachell from the University of Missouri thinks that business education is very valuable for all students. She says that liberal education already gives you a 360 degree perspective on any issue. However, the knowledge gained and the skills acquired through business education forces you to understand all perspectives and relationships among different functions in a firm. Dr. Gabrielle is quick to point out that business is not a silo – it is interrelated to every other industry and area of study.  She tells her son to make sure he takes business classes before he goes into chiropractic care because it will help him make sound financial and business decisions when he works with a hospital or starts his own practice.  Regardless on your field of interest, take a few business classes – you’ll be ready for whatever life sends your way!
Mr. Andy Fraher from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University says that his university offers business education that would be used in the field of aviation and airline companies. However, he says that students should understand that the beauty of business education is that you can transfer the knowledge into any field of interest. He says that some of his business students go on and work for aviation related companies; however, a lot of them go on to working with other firms that are completely unrelated to aviation.
What’s the moral of this story? Whether you’re a business major or just take a few courses, the background of a business education will prepare you for employment in any number of fields.  A business education helps you understand corporate relationships and the interrelatedness of business functions and will prove useful to you as you begin climbing the ladder of success.

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