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By now, chances are your applications are complete.  You’ve submitted your financial affidavits.  You may have even had a college interview…and, you have probably received your admissions decision from at least one of the universities that you applied to!  You may still be nervous, biting your nails, waiting to hear the verdict from your top choice, burying yourself in your 12th exams to avoid the anxiety, but let’s face it: YOU’RE GOING TO COLLEGE!
You only have to decide which one you’re going enroll in! And, if you’ve been offered admission to more than one university, that may be a tough choice.
The decision of where to attend university is one that will direct the course of your life.  How do you make the decision with confidence?
John Wilkerson, Assistant Director of International Recruitment at the University of Missouri, offers this advice:

Make a list of the Top 10 things you want in a college.

Yes! It can be that simple!  Make a list of the Top 10 things you want in a college, in order of priority.  For example: clearly the academic program offered is of utmost importance; that is the primary reason you are going to college in the first place!  But if finances are an issue, the amount of scholarship / financial aid and the total estimated cost of your fist year will play a huge role in your decision.  If this describes your situation, then program + $ will likely be your #1 & 2 and you may not even need to go any further!
However, if you DO want to explore your other 8 things, think about athletics, internship opportunities, co-op options.  Maybe being able to continue your interest in dance or theatre is important, or location near to your family.
When your Top 10 list is complete, compare it to what each university has to offer.  The university that fulfills the highest number of things that are important to you just may be the best fit for you!
Stuck? Contact The IKC [jen@myikc.com] for help narrowing down your choices! 

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