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University Partners

Traveling with Gen Next brings recruitment in India to a much more personal level. Running from school to school and throwing down your tablecloth, students coming through for 15 minutes, and then packing up and running to the next school just does not work in the Indian Market. Taking the time to meet with counselors, and to talk to students in depth about why the undergraduate experience in the U.S. is so valuable, THAT’S what makes an impact and allows you to build a positive brand in India. No one else is providing these opportunities. No one.

– Marco Dinovelli, Rutgers University

As always I am blown away by the professionalism, poise, and dedication of the IKC staff. Such an awesome team I believe in and feel positive about yielding more Indian students. I am happy to be working with Gen Next as a partner institution and am excited to see where this takes us.

-Julie Huffman, George Mason University

I really enjoy and appreciate the GenNext model. We truly connect with students, open up their world to the concept of studying in the US, and give them a clear path to make it happen. The approach generates authentic enthusiasm among the students and allowes for genuine, trust-based interactions. Coupled with the IKC services on the ground in India, I find the GenNext model not only extremely valuable to universities but of true service to students.

-Renee Koerner, University of Delaware

This was a very educational trip for me. My previous experience with India was not enjoyable and the pace and structure was not ideal (Non India Calling Trip). Girish was a great leader and was dynamic with the students. Yashika and Palak were very professional and approachable. By the end of the trip I had a renewed appreciation for India and would love to return on a future trip.

-Brian Raiche, University of St. Thomas

Students in IKC advising

Pranav Savanur

Kansas State University, Class of 2021

As with every student, I aimed for high scores, good grades and a bright future- I had all those aspirations and ambitions. But I was directionless. Everyone I knew used to talk about how their son or friend or student is now in the US and doing their graduate and doctorate studies but an undergraduate degree? No idea!

I started doing some research in my free time about how to apply to US universities, about student life as an undergrad and the promising future after that. I had lot of doubts, issues and concerns about it. Then I started searching for counsellors and university fairs which would take me a step forward. Talking about it to my seniors and friends who are already in US, I came to know that I can find help from few of the institutes which are established particularly for these concerns. But the drawback was that they came with a fancy price tag and only supported students to apply to some specific universities which they are tied up with- leaving me with no good options.

I was looking for a place where I could get proper guidance and exposure to events and let me personally meet university representatives. Then one morning, I saw an article about the IKC in the newspaper. I wanted to try it and signed up for a meeting with the office with the help of the contact information given in the article.

People at the office were so friendly and helpful. We sat down and started discussing about US education, how to reach for it, what are the procedures and all that. They gave me a few sheets which instructed me about planning and steps to be taken, the exams I need to complete and by when. That meeting, brought out the true potential in me. I just followed the simple steps according to the IKC, took the exams seriously and visited events organized at the IKC where I got a chance to speak one-to-one with top university admission officers. It helped me take firm decisions about my life and future. Finally, all the hard work, dedication and IKC’s support payed off.

And now, I will be going to the US as a freshmen/ first year undergraduate student and will be studying pre-med. The completely free and outstanding service and guidelines suggested by my counselor, Rebecca, at the IKC is one among the core reasons for me to achieve my dream.

If I had not heard of the IKC, I would never ever experience such a quality resource and would have been ended up waiting for my CET/JEE/NEET ranks and hoping to get a good placement and completely miss the experience and exposure I would get in the US which will bring out my true potential.

I will always be grateful towards team IKC for its contribution in changing my life and ensuring me a bright future. Thank you.

Ananya Rao

Carnegie Mellon University for Computer Science, Class of 2021

Every single year, millions and millions of students around the world apply to college. These students have millions and millions of schools to choose from. With such an extensive array of options, it’s easy to get lost in the buzz of it all. But, with the right guidance, it’s possible to find your “perfect fit” school. And IKC is the extra-features-ultra-powerful GPS of college guidance systems.

It’s important to keep your bearings straight. Guidance goes a long way, and IKC is really rather good at providing that. From helping me sort out and decide which colleges to apply to, to reading through my umpteen essay drafts, to providing me an opportunity to meet with college representatives (that Saturday afternoon spent at the college fair they organized was absolutely incredible), IKC truly has been the wind in my sails, and Becky an essential helping hand. Like a lot of things this year, working with IKC started off as pure coincidence: running into Ms. Sheela, the director, at the SATs. That one small interaction opened the doors to the godsend that is IKC.

I guess the takeaway here is that things have a funny way of working out. As long as you’re putting in the hard work, and your intentions are good, you’ll be okay. Whatever is best for you is what will end up happening (even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time). You’re young and talented and passionate and dedicated and the whole world is your oyster. So take a deep breath. Have fun. You’re gonna kill it.