Gen Next Education, Inc. is a Social Benefit Organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of and access to education for people around the world!

Traveling with Gen Next brings recruitment in India to a much more personal level. Running from school to school and throwing down your tablecloth, students coming through for 15 minutes, and then packing up and running to the next school just does not work in the Indian Market. Taking the time to meet with counselors, and to talk to students in depth about why the undergraduate experience in the U.S. is so valuable, THAT’S what makes an impact and allows you to build a positive brand in India. No one else is providing these opportunities. No one.

– Marco Dinovelli, Rutgers University

Gen Next Education offers unparalleled support for colleges and universities looking to recruit international students. Their approach to student recruitment is unique, and I appreciate their mission to help students find their best-fit institution rather than pushing them towards only their member institutions. We know when we get an applicant from Gen Next that they are fully qualified and specifically interested in our institution.

As a member institution, having the staff at the International Knowledge Center working as our representatives in-country has been an invaluable benefit. The logistics of providing personal attention to our students is difficult when they live halfway around the world, but this problem is eliminated now that we have the IKC staff contacting students on our behalf and offering them support throughout the application process. The IKC student counselors have all studied in the U.S. themselves, and I trust that they are fully knowledgable to represent the nuances of the U.S. university admissions process.

In short, our relationship with Gen Next Education and the IKC has been quite positive and has had a direct positive impact on our international student numbers.”

-Christina Hilpipre-Frischman, Director, International Admissons, University of St. Thomas