Based in U.S. and North America

Benjamin Martin

Director of Partner Engagement

Benjamin leads our graduate partnership services and focuses on creating and executing on programs for student success. In his role, he works closely with our graduate partners to help bridge international educational opportunities for universities, students, teachers and administrators.

He lives in Toronto and can be reached at or +1 647-783-0713

Evelyn Rosengren-Hovee

Director of Partner Engagement

Evelyn brings 7+ years of university experience to play a key role in Gen Next’s U.S. team. In this role, she works closely with our undergraduate partner institutions in mutual efforts to develop and execute strategies to increase reach, impact and visibility in India.

She is based out of Durham North Carolina and can be reached at or 317-701-8216.

Based in India

Sheela Thyagaraj

Director, The International Knowledge Center

Sheela oversees the day-to-day operations of the IKC and provides leadership and direction to the staff in India. In addition, she continues to build on our graduate recruiting efforts. She also facilitates broader internationalization efforts between U.S. and Indian universities.

Born and raised in Bangalore, she holds a Master’s Degree in Family Resource Management from the Bangalore University. She entered the field of international education due to her keen interest in assisting students achieve a valuable study abroad experience. Along with her diverse role in Intercultural exchange with American students and colleagues and her optimistic attitude; she continues to share this exposure with potential students.

Sheela developed her robust knowledge and skills through her experience at Long Island University, where she worked in International Admissions, Student Affairs, Administration, as well as Program Development. She enjoyed going beyond enrollment management to include building relationships with study abroad liaisons, prospective students and parents.

She can be reached at or +91 9845135681.

Suman Nayak

Manager, Academic and Internship Programs

Suman is the Manager of Academic and Internship Programs at the International Knowledge Center. She initiates and supervises all the inbound programs at The IKC and assists in the creation of short term study abroad programs for Indian students. With over three years of experience as a counselor at Long Island University, she enjoys interacting with students and developing programs for students studying abroad. International education interests her as it promotes cross cultural learning, relationship building and knowledge exchange. She strongly believes that the future belongs to the global citizen!

She can be reached at or +91 9448475356

Sheral Kumar

Manager of Research and Community Development

Sheral develops and manages our community development efforts, with high schools, corporations and housing environments. Her efforts are also focused on connecting to parents though corporations and residential complexes. In addition, Sheral leads our research efforts as we try to continually understand student decision factors, parent aspirations and high school motivations.

She can be reached at or +91 9880298283

Yashika Maini

Assistant Director of College Counseling and Student Success

In addition to helping students throughout India find their “best fit” university in the US, Yashika facilitates the development of our counseling methodology and programs targeted to improve and enhance the college counseling profession in India, particularly with our partner schools.

Having lived in the US for over 20 years, she has completed her primary and secondary schooling in New York. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Boston University and a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Pace University in NY. In addition, she holds a Certificate in College Counseling from the University of California - Los Angeles and is well-equipped to offer parents, students, and school staff an in-depth understanding of the American college admissions process, as well as to bridge the gap between Indian students and higher education opportunities offered in the US.

Yashika lives in Mumbai and can be reached at or +91 8291293366.

Palak Chugh

College Counselor

Palak is a University Counselor at the International Knowledge Center. In her role, she will expand the organization’s presence in Delhi NCR region and eventually in Dehradun and Chandigarh. Her main areas of focus are to develop & nurture high school relationships as well as counsel students in the region of Northern India.
She holds a Masters’ degree in Political Science from Lady Shriram College, University of Delhi, alongside a Post graduate Diploma in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding from the Aung San Suu Kyi Centre for Peace. She considers herself a student for life and strongly believes that education empowers people with knowledge, skill and self-confidence which allows them to develop personally and become politically active.

She lives in New Delhi and can be reached at or +91 9910611142.