We provide you with strategic expertise and
tactical coordination to establish your brand in India

International Knowledge Center

We provide Indian students credible and timely assistance to find the “right-fit” program and university all at no cost to the student or their families. Join us Today!

Junction 91

A systematic and focused effort to help you integrate international dimensions to every facet of your academic offering.

About GenNext

Gen Next was started by Girish Ballolla who saw the need to help U.S. Universities internationalize their campuses and graduate global citizens prepared to function in today’s global economy. 

We provide Indian students and their families with credible and comprehensive information to help them find the “right-fit” program and university – all at no cost to them

Our Partners Say

"I had an excellent experience traveling with Gen Next on the India Calling Tour.
The Gen Next staff are very knowledgeable about the Indian education system (...)"

− Evelyn Hovee, IUPUI

"Promoting your university in India requires careful planning and knowledgeable
partners that will help you navigate Indian cities, culture, and educational systems (...)"

− Andy Fraher, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

"Gen Next Education offers unparalleled support for colleges and universities looking to recruit international students. Their approach to student recruitment is unique (...)"

− Christina Hilpipre-Frischman, University of St. Thomas